Oligo Analysis Tool

Our handy Oligo Analysis Tool calculates molecular weight (MW), extinction coefficient (E260), pmoles/µg, pmoles/OD and µg/OD. Also displayed for your convenience are the % GC Content, melting temp (TM), and the reverse complement of the oligo sequence you enter.

Oligos Calculations

The oligo sequence is displayed in the Oligo Analysis Plot below where the full-length of the primer is compared against itself for self-hybridization potential. To plot your oligo against other sequences or against shorter versions of itself, please enter a second sequence into the Plot Sequence box and click the CALCULATE button again. Areas of hybridization are marked with an X. Areas of 4 or more contiguous Xs are highlighted in yellow.

If the sequence is suitable for your experiment, you can use the ADD OLIGO TO CART button to order directly from this window.

* Sequence Name:
* Sequence: (5' to 3')
Sequence Length:

* Length indicates standard bases only

The graph below plots your sequence against itself. Complementary bases are marked, and primer-dimer sets are marked in bold. To plot your Oligo against a second sequence, please enter the sequence here:

Plot Sequence: (5' to 3')

Please enter your sequence information above and click the "CALCULATE" button.