PCReady™ PCR & Sequencing Primers

PCReady primers offer a fast and simple process from design through delivery to accelerate your research. Login, go to the Primer Design Tool and paste in your sequence. The Primer Design Tool parameters are optimized for standard PCR, DNA sequencing, probe-based qPCR reactions, or RAPD (random amplified polymorphic DNA) applications, but can be adjusted for your specific needs.

Choose one, two or more PCReady primers from the results page and they’ll be moved to your shopping cart. Click to Checkout and we’ll have 20 nmol (~4 OD) of each of your PCReady primers ready to send the next day.

  • Streamlined design, ordering, and delivery format.
  • Primer lengths from 15 to 29 bases.
  • Economical price per primer - $4.90 any length.
  • Each primer delivered ready for buffer addition as 20 nmol (~4 OD), dried.
  • Fast service with our guarantee for the highest quality primers.
Product Features:
  • Two entry field ordering!! Enter your primer name, copy & paste your source sequence.
  • One click selection to transfer selected primers to your shopping cart.
  • Complementary sequences for any primer easily ordered.
  • Online status tracking of order process and delivery.
  • Delivered ready to dilute. Calculations for 100 uM concentration pre-determined.